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Introducing Safety Net: Your Reliable and Affordable Backup Internet Connection

In today’s interconnected world, having a backup internet connection is crucial to ensure uninterrupted connectivity for your home or business. Radical Desert Network’s Safety Net is here to provide you with a reliable and affordable solution, giving you peace of mind knowing that you’re always connected.

Safety Net offers a consistent 3 Mbps internet connection, serving as a reliable backup for those unexpected moments when your primary internet connection goes down. With our 5Ghz Private Radio Link technology, you can trust that your backup connection will be fast, stable, and ready to keep you connected.

Here are the key details of Safety Net:

  • Reliable Backup Connection: Safety Net acts as an “always on” backup internet connection, ensuring that you stay connected even when your primary connection fails. With a consistent 3 Mbps speed, your devices will remain connected while you can continue to browse the web, check emails, and perform essential online tasks without interruption.

  • No Data Caps or Limits: We believe that your backup connection should be just as reliable as your primary connection. That’s why Safety Net comes with no data caps or limits, allowing you to use the internet without worrying about additional charges or restrictions.

  • Fast, Customized Deployment: Our trained local RADICAL Comms Teams are ready to deploy ASAP, generally within 24 to 48 hours.  We understand HOA’’s and aesthetic concerns and offer multiple installation options: discreet balcony, riser, pole-mounted, or other custom setups. Our team will work with you to find the best solution for your specific timing and location requirements. 

Now, let’s talk about the cost of Safety Net:

  • Standard Install: For a one-time fee of $150, our experienced technicians will ensure a seamless installation process. Additionally, you have the option to include a Wi-Fi router for an additional $50, providing you with a complete wireless backup solution.

  • Monthly Service: Safety Net is available for just $10 per month, making it an affordable option for both residential and business customers. With no contract required, you have the flexibility to use Safety Net as long as you need it, without any long-term commitments.

At Radical Desert Network, we understand the importance of staying connected, even in challenging situations. That’s why we’re proud to offer Safety Net, a reliable and affordable backup internet connection that ensures you’re never left without connectivity.

Don’t let unexpected internet outages disrupt your productivity or online activities. Invest in Safety Net today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a reliable backup internet connection. 

Stay connected with Safety Net – your reliable and affordable backup internet solution.